The Metropolis has built, maintains, and runs the following educational institutions:

  • 2 Kindergartens
  • 10 Primary Schools
  • 1 Middle School
  • 2 Secondary Schools
  • 1 AgriculturalSchool


With much love in mind for the children of Madagascar and in memory of Despina Kontopoulou, in 2017 a new middle school was built in the ALATSINAIKELI district by Despina's parents.

The school caters for six grades, but two of these have been combined to form five grades. This school will contribute to the spiritual regeneration of the whole region.

"Parousia Agapis" Society (Presence of Love)

Platonos 98, 18755, Keratsini, Greece
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6 pm to 8 pm
Tel. +30 210 400 3654
Fax. +30 210 400 3664

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